1949 Irish Threepence Cufflinks


Perfect 72nd Birthday Gift. 1949 Irish Threepence cufflinks. These unique cufflinks are made from genuine year 1949 Irish threepence, the coins feature the Irish Hare – a recognized symbol in Irish folklore and mythology – as well as the Celtic harp symbolizing the history, culture and heritage of the Emerald isle. They are made by hand not machine and they come in a beautiful silver presentation box. You are covered with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Hold the cursor over the image for a closer look. Give a piece of history as a gift today.

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Meath the All Ireland Senior Football Championship
Tipperary  won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship


Arsene Wenger (Arsenal Football Club Manager)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Former Israeli Prime Minister)
Billy Joel (Musician)/Bruce Springsteen (Musician)
Don Johnson (Actor)/Gloria Gaynor (Singer)
Jeff Bridges (Actor)/Ken Wilber (Philosopher)
Larry Holmes (American Athlete)/Larry Wall (Canadian Author)
Lionel Richie (Musician)/Meryl Streep (Actress)
Mike Schmidt (Athlete)
Peter Agre (American Biologist)
Peter McWilliams (Author)
Richard Gere (Actor)
Ron Wyden (US Politician)
Sigourney Weaver (Actress)
Tom Waits (Musician)
Whoopi Goldberg (Actress)


Cake mix
The first automatic street lights are installed in New Milford, Connecticut


The Story of Seabiscuits


6.75 Richter scale earthquake in Ecuador kills 6000 and destroys 50 towns
Soviet Union tests its first atomic bomb.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Established
Federal Republic of Germany officially founded
Indonesia gains it’s independence From Netherlands
Berlin Airlift officially comes to an end on May 12th
The Communist People’s Republic of China is proclaimed under Mao Tse Tung.
Republic of China / Taiwan on the island of Formosa comes into being following the defeat by Mao Tse Tung
The Geneva Convention is agreed providing an agreement on the treatment of prisoners
Newfoundland Joins Canada Confederation
NBA National Basketball Association NBA Comes Into Being Find Out More About More The History, Origins and Growth Of Basketball including origins, star players, growth, and the modern game.
RCA Perfects a system for broadcasting color television
First Polaroid Camera sold for $89.95
President Harry S. Truman authorizes $16 million in aid for Palestinian refugees
The Emmy Awards for US Television first presented
First Volkswagen Beetle The Peoples Car sold in US
The first car with a Porsche badge is shown
De-Havilland Comet first commercial passenger jet airliner test flight
Apartheid Made official Policy of National party in South Africa